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Who we are?

Avant-gardism, innovation, nonconformity, elegance and premium quality. Each one defines and represents the core of Avantgrapho. Since the companies beginnings in 2005 we’ve managed to position ourselves as a being part of a company that innovates everything related to the art of interior design.

Our company is a B2B orientated one and we believe that in order to succeed we need to constantly set a high standard of innovation and quality. The word competition for us is just another word.


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What we do?

We are a premium concept furniture company. From residential to tailored designed shop or office furniture, we can provide and produce it all. Our knowledge doesn’t stop to furniture because we are also leading the path when it comes to special commercial display solutions. We’ve invested in top notch technology so that there’s practically no empty space that we can’t accommodate with your solutions. Our very own existence as a company revolves around our client’s high demand for premium solutions.

From wood printing to all kinds of material printing or reinventig the shapes and colors of the most complex furniture and display pieces, we have what it takes.

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Custom services

We offer services on request for furniture assembly, furniture disassembly, furniture removals, relocation, reconfiguration and post-relocation support.

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Our best for the best

Innovation and firm solutions that we’re born out of the most bold and challenging ideas. Usability and premium looks are well mixed together in our solutions. The best deserve the outcome that everyone else doesn’t have the imagination co conceive.

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We are connected to the latest trends when it comes to interior design. For us, interior design equals art and the most challenging part of it is: making art while preserving functionality, usability, production cost control and ergonomics.

Avantgrapho it’s all about innovation. We accept your challenge!