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Modular houses Avantgrapho

We are developing the concept of turnkey modular house.


From the first step until the completion of the project, our coordinators are always at your disposal to ensure a continuous communication between our team and your staff.

High quality and low costs

The house is completely assembled from the factory, wich leads to an increase in quality and a reduction in the final cost. 


The house is complete, ready to use - all installations are installed, finishes executed, all necessary equipment and plumbing are ready. 


Save time just by choosing a project from us, not looking for builders, selecting construction materials, etc.

Don't spend time monitoring the place building process.

The house is assembled from the factory and installed on place in a few days.

Includes furniture and it's easy to install.

The house is transportable by truck. In most cases, it is assimilated to a temporary construction, wich allows you to install it without a building permit.

The house can be installed in one place, then transported to another and reassembled.


We save natural resources at all stages of production - wood processing does not require a large amount of energy compared to the production of bricks or concrete blocks. We save CO2 emissions by optimizing logistics - we transport the finished module, not the parts, thus reducing the number of vehicles. All materials are renewable, if desired, the standard house can be disassembled and its materials can be used for other projects. The technology of installing the house is designed for a very careful attitude towards the place - when installing the house, the ground cover is not disturbed. The VITHAUS house is energy efficient - it consumes a small amount of energy for heating and, due to the large glass surface, it uses solar energy for heating. 

Opportunity for expansion

A small house can become a temporary home for the period of construction of a large house then it can be transformed into a comfortable guest house or it can be the main house that can be completed and developed.

New modules can then be added to a small house for expansion. 

The contract

The contract for the production of the house is signed at our headquarters.


From the moment of recieving the advance of 70% of the contract value, the term of realization is 120 calendar days. 

It is possible to pay in installments?

No, it is only possible through bank credit. 

Payment is made in three stages:

  • at the conclusion of the contract 70% of the value is paid;
  • when the house is ready from the factory - 20%  
  • after completion of installation is paid 10%

Our house is a modular house for all seasons, wich takes into account everything necessary for a comfortable life in the city and outside the city.

Our technologies allow us to build fully equipped modules in our hall and assemble them on the place in the final house in a few days. In addition, it can be quickly disassembled and transported to a new place.

Our houses have panoramic windows that provide natural light in the house and fill the entire space with light and warmth.

The house can be installed in almost all areas, the presence of gas is not a blocking factor, because our house is also designed for heating with electric convestors. Also, the slope or uneven surface of the place does not block the installation, due to the fact that the house can be installed on pillars.

What foundation was needed?

For typical houses - foundation on pillars. Minimum height of the foundation above the ground - 30 cm (depending on the slope of the place). Putting a house directly on the ground is impossible - there will be no acces to external utilities

The pillars are mounted at a depth of 1.4 to 5 meters, depending on the soil and the slope of the place.


What is foundation doing?

The foundation is made by the buyer independently, by contacting a specialized company or by contacting Avantgrapho constructors.


What is the cost of the foundation?

The cost of the foundation depends on the model of the house, the materials used, the soil and the slope of the place.

What is the module?

The house is a module building. Each part of the house planning is a separate element - a module. All modules have full factory personnel and are delivered as a finished product on your site for installation.

For example, a module with a bathroom - a block with a sink installed, toilet, shower or bathtub (depending on appearance), boiler, warm floor, mosaic and wooden finishes, sockets and lighting will be delivered to your place. There is no need to finish and install the necessary plumbing during the installation of the house - everything is ready 

Windows, doors, panoramic windows are also installed at the factory.


What are the dimensions of the module?

Lenght: 3 or 6 meters.

Width: 2, 5 meters.

Height: 2,8 meters.


What features are build into these modules?


The unique design of the modules and the factory production allow you to heat it as a single integral housing without cold bridges at the junction of the floor and walls or walls and ceiling. The absence of prominent parts, such as turrets, extensions and windows, helps to reduce cold bridges efficiency.

Is it possible to order additional heating?

Yes, it is possible - it is agreed individually.


How is the wiring done?

All cables are hidden in the frame. The cable is laid in the walls in a flexible plastic corrugated sleeve. We don't move the wiring out.

Wire materials-copper.


Is there ventilation?

Yes, forced from the kitchen and bathroom area (ventilation duct with a diameter of 100mm), as well as ventilation valves (diameter 100mm)

How many modules can a trailer support?

It can carry 2 modules of 6 linear meter.


Who delivers?

Avantgrapho company.


What is the delivery cost?

The cost of delivery depends on the module of the house and the distance.

The cost is calculated based on the freight carrier's tariff, wich is 1.40 euro/km.

Terms of delivery FCA Seller's deposit.

The exact cost of delivering your home will be calculated when preparing your business proposal.


Is it possible to pick up modules myself?

Yes, but the installation will still be done by Avant Grapho. 

Important! The buyer is responsible for the acces roads on the place and the successful passage of the equipment (crane, lifting equipment).

Who performs the installation?

Installation is performed only by Avantgrapho personnel.


What are the installation terms?

All modules are installed on the foundation in a maximum of two days, then the modules are connected, the house is switched to external networks, the final interior and exterior finishes.

The installation is usually completed in 3 to 15 days, depending on the module of the house and the favorable weather conditions.


Is it possible to install a house when is raining?

If it rained heavily, no.

The loght rain did not confuse the installation very much


What is the installing cost?

Installing is not included in the price of the house.


Will there be additional installation costs?

Yes, at any distance from the factory, the additional costs, as follows:

crane: based on local organization rates, hour/shift (shift - 8 hours),

land with a slope of 150 euros for the construction framework.


Is it possible to dismantle and transport the house to another location?

Yes, it is possible.

 The cost of dismantling, taking into account the transport of modules and installation on the new place will be about 20% of the value of the house.

What utilities does the house need?

Sanitary installations, swerage and electricity. No special gas required.


Who ensures the connections in the place?

Ensuring the connections and their connection with the foundation is the responsability of the buyer.


Who and whem connects the house to external connections?

The house is connected to external connections only by Avant Grapho specialists, because it is necessary to check the operation of the entire system. If the connections are brought to the foundation before installation, the Avant Grapho team will connect the house to them during installation; if the connections are not completed, the connections should be made in the presence of an Avant Grapho specialist when they are available.

Sink faucer: Grohe, chrome

Bathroom sink: Cersanit

Toilet bowl: Cersanit Carina

Shower tap: Grohe, chrom, with Grohe shower set.

Shower: Shower area glass : 10mm thick safety glass, 1900x850 mm, transparent, colorless, in a set with a metal profile for fixing to the floor and wall.

Kitchen layout (for establishing communications): water supply and sewerage outlets; sink outlet; electrical outlet cable for connectiong the hob, refrigerator, kitchen hood.

  • delivery from the factory to the place (individual quotation will be made depending on the type of house and dinstance);
  • installation on place;
  • rental of 25 t cranes for installation work;;
  • construction of the foundation or pillar.
  • if additional elements are requested: Porch, stairs, terraces, verandas, etc.

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