British American Tobacco

Furniture production
Technological production

Office building extension

Developed in 2013, this project was a very special one. We made a real creativity contribution in the Ploiesti headquarters and we’ve managed to to put our signature mark or both the office building and in the production area or the laboratory.
For this project we developed and printed material and we have provided Italian import chairs import that are known for their best quality.

Project Bass Bucharest

It’s still the year 2013. B.A.T challenged us  with their BASS Bucharest project were we delivered special furniture in order to fully satisfy customer requirements. For this great project we did both the design and the mounting of all the furniture on the location. The chairs, which are imported, were carefully chosen to create a symbiosis between our concept and the final result.

Restroom zone

After the projects well done in 2013, a year later, in 2014 we were challenged to find a solution for the restroom in the premises of the city of Ploiesti. We say that we succeeded to thoroughly mix enjoyable and well-defined  elements that brought both visual joy and usefulness to this important area.


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